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Gold Coast Air Conditioning Installation

Sick of sweating through the Gold Coast summer? 

Annoyed by the unrelenting noise coming from your air con unit? 

Not sure your air conditioner is even blowing cold air?

We’re your Gold Coast air conditioning specialists – here for all your air con installation needs, using only the best techniques and highest quality equipment. 

Whether you need to install your air con in a tricky spot or you want to revamp your space with modern ducted air conditioning, we’ll do the job with professionalism, efficiency and a Gold Coast smile. 

Don’t risk choosing an unskilled technician – trust our certified specialists to do the job right. Keep cool with our affordable air conditioning installation services on the Gold Coast today!

Our Gold Coast Air Conditioning Services

Pressure Cleaning House Exterior

Air Conditioning Installation

Home or workplace too hot to think? Keep your cool and be comfortable with a new air con system, professionally installed by our team.

We’re air con installation specialists, using the best techniques and equipment to give you optimal cooling results.

Learn more about our professional Gold Coast air conditioner installation services

Pressure Cleaning House Exterior

Air Conditioning Repairs

Broken aircon? Instead of jumping to buy a new one, our air conditioning repair services can help!

We take our time diagnosing the problem to ensure we’re offering the best possible air conditioning solutions for your needs. 

Learn more about our Gold Coast air conditioner repair services.

Commercial Air Conditioning Gold Coast

Commercial Air Conditioning

Is the office feeling stuffier than usual? It’s time to invest in air conditioning installation!

Your colleagues will thank you for finally getting proper air con at the office or warehouse – especially during hot Gold Coast summers!

Learn more about our Gold Coast commercial air conditioning services.

Ducted Air Conditioning Gold Coast

Ducted Air Conditioning

Looking to cool your whole house? Go for modern, inconspicuous ducted air conditioning.

More energy-efficient and long-lasting, ducted air con allows you to cool or heat your entire home at once.

Learn more about Gold Coast ducted air conditioning services.

Split System Air Conditioning Gold Coast

Split System Air Conditioning

Need air con for a single room or area? Go for affordable split system air conditioning.

Split system air con units are easy to operate and perfect for small spaces.

Learn more about Gold Coast split system air conditioning services.

How It Works

Step 1

Get a Free Quote

Start by getting a free quote from us for your Gold Coast air conditioning installation.

Step 2

Schedule Your Air Con Installation

We perform air conditioning installation Gold Coast-wide and tailor our air conditioning services to fit your busy schedule. Let us know what works for you.

Step 3

Receive Expert Advice

We’ll guide you to the best air con solutions based on your unique needs. We offer sound recommendations about brands, energy efficiency and more.

Step 4

We’ll Get Started

We’ll show up on time to perform a safe and efficient air conditioning installation. Split system air con can be installed in a few hours, while ducted air con may take a bit longer.

Step 5

Expect a Full Clean-Up

Unlike some other air conditioning services, we won’t leave your home in disarray. We perform a thorough clean-up – all included.

Air Conditioning Brands We Supply

  • ActronAir
  • Advantage Air
  • Daikin
  • Fujitsu
  • LG
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Best Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast


We pride ourselves on offering the highest standards of professionalism. You may have had a bad experience with air con installation in the past. So we’re here to make sure you receive top-notch air conditioning services this time around.


Don’t get ripped off by unscrupulous price-gougers! Our competitive pricing allows us to keep the Gold Coast cool without sweating the price tag. Trust us to provide fair prices on air con services.

On Time

There’s nothing worse than waiting all day for a service. We know you’re busy. We respect your time and arrive on time for your air conditioning installation. We’ll do the job quickly and efficiently so you can get back to your to-do list.

Quality Service

From start to finish, we provide outstanding air conditioning service. Our knowledgeable team can offer sound recommendations along the way and do a full clean-up afterwards. Now that’s quality!


We’re Gold Coast locals and proud to offer excellent air conditioning installation to our neighbours. We’re friendly and personable – as you’d expect from any Gold Coast business – and we’re looking forward to helping you with your air con services.

Expert Advice

We know air conditioning. We patiently answer all your burning questions about keeping things cool. From energy efficiency to brand comparisons, our expert advice means you can rest assured you’re making the best air con decision for your home.

Gold Coast Air Conditioning Installation FAQs

How much does Gold Coast air conditioning installation cost?

The cost of air conditioning installation on the Gold Coast varies based on the type of air con you need (ducted or split system) and the amount of space you’re looking to heat and cool. Additionally, different brands vary in cost. 

However, you can rest assured that our air conditioning installation services are priced fairly to ensure you’re not sweating the price tag. Get a free quote today to see how much air conditioning installation costs for your project.

Are air conditioners easy to install?

No, air conditioners are not easy to install – unless you’re a trained professional. While it may be tempting to try to save money by trying to DIY your air con installation, we wouldn’t recommend it. 

The price of doing a bad job yourself may cost you more in the long run.

How long does air conditioning installation take?

Air conditioning installation typically takes a few hours – depending on the type of air con installation you require. In general, split system air conditioning takes less time to install than ducted air conditioning.